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Sick and tired of paying that outrageous cable bill each month? I sure was and the service for my cable company was obnoxious. If you have not heard of cord cutting check out Cord Cutting Reddit on Reddit

Here is a typical conversation with my cable company:

Me, " My cable is down and I have people coming over to watch the big game!" Cable Company, " Ok sir let me help you with that. We can have a technician out to your site on Tuesday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm." Me, "I said I need the cable fixed for this weekend not a week from now!" Cable Company, "Ok sir did you want me to setup that Tuesday appointment?" Me, "#^@^%$^!$^!"

No more I said. So I researched many different options. Roku seemed to be the best as I had multiple TV's in the house and some of them were not smart TV's. So I made the leap and bought five rokus for the whole house. At first, It was frustrating to try and find all the shows I wanted to see. But with a little research I was able to find them all with the addition of a few key apps. Prime Video was a given as I already had a prime membership for shipping and prime pantry. I also added Netflix. Between the two streaming services I was able to replace almost all of my shows and now had access to more movies than I could ever watch. Lastly I added Hulu which gave me access to live TV. May sound like a lot. It isnt, I was paying $200 per month for Cable. Hulu is $39, Netflix is $15, and Amazon Prime is about $10. So for $64 dollars per month I cut the cord. Unfortunatley I still need to pay the cable company for internet at $40 per month. Still a huge savings. Also with Roku comes a plethora of streaming apps like ABC, NBC, etc. The full list can be found here. As you can see it is all there and a significant savings. When will you cut the cord? 

This is the small Roku I used on my smaller TV's. Worked great in the bedroom and the media room. Click on the pic for pricing. 

This is the unit I used for my widescreen TV in the Living Room. I needed a little more speed and quality due to the size of the TV. Click on the pic for pricing. 


Roku isn't the only option. There are many more my friend uses Amazon Fire TV. Similar service as Roku and he loves it. He also loves using Alexa which is a great option for voice control.

The fire stick is the one I would choose for the bedroom TV's. Click on the pic for pricing. 


This is baby I would choose for the widescreen TV. Amazon cube with Alexa. Click on the pic for pricing. 

If you do not have Amazon Prime Already it is totally worth it. Free shipping on anything you buy on Amazon Prime and you can save a ton on grocery items with subscribe and save. A must have for cord cutters everywhere. Click on the link below for pricing and to sign up. 

Sign up for Amazon Prime Video you get a 30-day Free Trial as a Garrison City Gadget visitor. The membership program offers special benefits for just $99 per year:

*Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows

*FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items

*Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits


You can take it even farther if you love Showtime, HBO or any other pay channels straight through Amazon. Click the link below to check it out. 


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