Setup Your Roku Express in 15 Minutes Or Less - Cut the Cord and Save

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 Get Your Roku Express Today! Start saving Money and Cut the Cord!

Setup Roku Express in 15 Minutes!

Got a brand new Roku Express but confused about setting it up? Well you probably made this $30 purchase in the first place knowing that it basically turns your TV into a “smart TV”. Even if you’re not the most tech savvy, we’ll break it down to make the setup process easier. You can literally do it in 15 minutes!


Connect the Roku Express to your TV for the ultimate streaming experience over HBO Now, Netflix, Hulu and what not!


Attaching and Finding the Connection

The Roku Express connects with any TV from being placed at the front or at its bottom through an HDMI cable to an HDCP 2.2 compatible port with an indicating label on it. You can use the adhesive strip to attach the Roku Express box.


Then, turn on the Express with the help of the AC adapter and switch on the TV. When you have switched it on successfully, set for the appropriate input, an HDMI input to connect to your TV. To get confirmation of connectivity, the Roku Express animated logo will pop up on the TV screen as soon as it starts up.


Steps for Roku Express Setup

  1. Language setup: As part of the basic Roku Express setup, you can select your preferred language from its purple menu screen. This will manipulate every instruction and text appearing on the screen from then on.


  1. Plug in to the internet:  You need to establish the nearest WiFi connection for easy access and connectivity. If your usual WiFi network is inaccessible, you can scan again to surf. It will require an instructed code to fully activate itself.

Make sure to have a speedy network connection in case you purchased a Roku Express box that supports 4k.

Wait a few more minutes for your Roku Express to download the latest OS version and it will restart on its own for full activation.


  1. Work the remote: The rest of the setup requires controlling a variety of options with a remote that comes with your newly purchased Roku Express. All you need to do is put in a couple new batteries as you would do with any other remote. Just plugin the box with the adapter it connects automatically. 

Sometimes on screen instructions pop up if it needs the remote to pair. You can opt for Check Remote Settings for automatic power and volume options.


  1. Select the display type: With Roku Express, you don't need to switch and fix up the type of screen. It endorses an auto selection for its display type to fit the optimum resolution and ratio of your TV. You can always surf for more options with your remote and choose later.


  1. Finally, set up a Roku account: Now you need a Roku account that requires all your necessary personal details.

Fill in your credit card or paying account details that allows paying for anything more efficient.

You'll be required to enter the Activation Code on Roku's official website. You'll get a final confirmation message on your TV screen that activates Roku Express. I used my cell phone to help setup the account but a PC or Tablet works just as well. 

  Get Your Roku Express Today! Start saving Money and Cut the Cord!

Final Words

You're basically done setting up! Enjoy all the channels your area allows you to surf through and stream away with Roku Express! Couldn't be any easier. There a a myriad of apps and options. Pair with a service like Hulu, ATT Watch TV, or You tube TV and add even more accessibility. It is a true win win situation for cord cutters everywhere. There are even Roku ready recomended TV's here are a few to pursue. 



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Check this video for more tips on setting up a Roku express. Best wishes!

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