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What is a turkey fryer and why would I want to use one? This is the question I asked myself until I tried one myself. Now there is nothing wrong with cooking a turkey the conventional way. If done right, the conventional method can garner a great tasting moist thanksgiving turkey to feed the family. But if you want to take your turkey to another level then frying may be worth a look. The frying process yields a crisp skin moist bird with the added flavor of the oil you choose. I chose peanut oil and omg what a bird. The center remains juicy while the outside is crispy and golden. The coolest thing is the whole process takes about an hour. No more all day cooking for the perfect turkey. Now that I have your attention lets look at the best fryers on the market today in hopes that you can find the best fryer for your needs this thanksgiving. 

What are the different types of Stainless Steel Turkey Fryers?

First of all a Turkey Fryer is simply a large enough deep fryer to fit the bird. That means you can use it for many different applications. This french fries, fried fish, fried shrimp or whatever suits your fancy. 

Turkey fryers come in indoor and outdoor varieties. The outdoor varieties are heated with propane on an open flame while the indoor varieties are typically electric powered. Outdoor turkey fryers will use an open flame to heat the oil meaning they are a lot more dangerous than the indoor electric ones. Also, outdoor fryers have a lot less control than indoor turkey fryers. This is because you will generally have to manually control the cooking, the electric ones have timers and auto shut off features that allow easier and safer cooking with indoor turkey fryers.

There are also oil-less fryers that are safer and healthier than your standard turkey fryer. Sounds great but the downside is the oil-less fryers take a lot longer to complete the process and cook your bird. So you have to weigh your options. Either way they both process the bird in a similar fashion crisping the outside and super heating the center. 

Masterbuilt MB23012418 Butterball XL Electric Fryer Stainless

Masterbuilt Stainless Steel Electric Turkey Fryer

Our choice for the best electric fryer for the money. Coming in at under a hundred dollars and keeping a low foot print with a large capacity is the Master-built Butterball XL. 

The Butterball XL Electric Fryer by Masterbuilt uses 1/3 less oil than traditional fryers and is designed and tested to commercial standards. The extra-large basket accommodates up to a 20 lbs. Turkey, 5 lbs. of chicken wings or a large seafood boil. Clean-up is easy with the built-in drain valve and dishwasher safe components.

This fryer is nothing short of awesome! Fill it with 2 gallons of peanut oil and turned it on at around noon Thanksgiving day. Put the turkey in at 1pm and, in about and hour, raise out of the oil a beautiful 'crispy brown on the outside - moist and juicy on the inside' turkey. The big bonus never leave the comfort of your kitchen and work on finishing all of the trimmings while the turkey is frying. No more running in and out of the back door, checking to make sure that the oil temp was is right or worrying that one of the children would slip away for a moment and get near the dangerous pot and flame outside. 

Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 18.3 x 14.8 inches
Item Weight: 25.1 pounds


Char-Broil Big Easy Oil-less Liquid Propane Turkey Fryer


Oil Less Electric Turkey Fryer

The Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer is the stress-free way to fry your turkey, roast, or other cut of meat. With no hot cooking oil to purchase, splatter, or dispose of, the Char-Broil Big Easy gives you a delicious, safe, and simple alternative to frying with oil. The Big Easy utilizes Char-Broil’s TRU Infrared technology, which eliminates hot and cold spots, and delivers juicy, crisp, and flavorful results every time. The fully-enclosed 16,000 BTU propane burners sit inside of a double-wall cylindrical cooking chamber, which generates infrared heat that circles the cooker to penetrate and cook the meat evenly, sealing in juices. The result is a turkey or meat that is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, without the hassle or added fat and calories of oil. And because your food is cooked with infrared heat, not heated oil like others, you can prepare your bird or meat with seasoned rubs or inject-able marinades- both of which are not an option with traditional fryers. The Big Easy allows you to safely cook a turkey (up to 16 lbs.) or chicken in about 8 to 10 minutes per pound, or use it to prepare a variety of other items including roasts, ribs, pork tenderloin, or other large cuts of meat.

Turkey and roaster chickens are super juicy. Prime rib comes out amazing too. Great buy compared to an oil fryer. The cost of this unit is cheaper than the cost of an oil fryer plus the oil. There is no oil to deal with after and you don’t need to buy oil when you want to cook. No rust issues as other have talked about. ipe it down with vegetable oil when it cools and store it in my garage. Also it uses very little propane, You can cook a lot on one tank of propane.

Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 20.8 x 23.5 inches
Item Weight: 28.9 pounds

Oversized Turkey Deep Fryer Kit 42 Quart Aluminum "GRAND GOBBLER" for 25+ LBS Turkeys by Bayou Classic

Outdoor Turkey Fryer

The Bayou Classic Grand Gobbler Oversized Turkey Fryer Pot is a 42 quart aluminum turkey fryer pot. It’s the biggest pot made by Bayou Classic to fry a perfect turkey. The Grand Gobbler Turkey Fryer Pot includes all aluminum turkey fryer accessories. These aluminum turkey fryer accessories are dishwasher safe. The aluminum used to make this pot is 16-gauge aluminum, which is commercial grade. Unlike the competitors pots you find in the "Mart" stores, you kick this one . . . you hurt your foot and not the pot. The Grand Gobbler Turkey Fryer Pot includes the aluminum turkey fryer pot, vented lid, aluminum perforated poultry rack and grab hook, thermometer, 2 oz seasoning injector and insulated glove. The Grand Gobbler Turkey Fryer Pot is the premium choice for those who demand the highest quality products for their outdoor cooking needs. This pot is capable of frying turkeys in excess of 25+ lbs. The Burner is the SP10, the number one selling burner. This burner is a High Pressure Burner with a 14" Diameter Cooking Surface and a 13" Welded Steel Frame. The SP10 comes with a 10 PSI Preset Regulator with Brass Control Valve and a 48" LPG Stainless Braided Hose as well as a 360° Windscreen Protection Shield.

The Wide Leg Design for Stability is also a key facet of the SP10. Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cookers have long been the traditional choice for outdoor cooking. With a welded, one-piece steel frame, they are the strongest gas cookers commercially made. The design, which focuses on strength, safety, and function, makes them the most efficient outdoor cookers sold. Because most units come with optional slide-on extension legs, these cookers are equipped to meet your every need. Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cookers are portable, making them perfect for camping, tailgating, and RV’s.

Package Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 20 inches
Item Weight: 35 pounds


  • Amazing tasting turkey, with classic crispy skin and juicy meat.
  • Reduced cooking times compared to a conventional oven, with the possibility of frying a whole 15lb turkey in as little as an hour.
  • More space in the oven. A huge benefit on Thanksgiving. The ability to cook other things in the oven can make your day a lot easier. 
  • Easier to clean than a conventional Turkey pan.


  • Hot oil is a very real fire hazard. Read all the instructions that come with your fryer. Never fry a frozen turkey. The results are explosive and can do real harm. 
  • Cost of the oil
  • No stuffing the bird or creating gravy from the drippings

Let us know if you too take the leap into turkey frying mastery. We would love to hear about your experience as a turkey frying master chef. Happy Thanksgiving.

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