Flair Smart Vent, Smart Vent for Home Heating and Cooling. Compatible with Alexa

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Brand: Flair

Color: White


  • NO MORE HOT OR COLD ROOMS: Flair Smart Vents use sophisticated automation to eliminate uneven room temperatures and balance heating and air conditioning across your home. (REQUIRES FLAIR PUCK TO OPERATE)
  • HVAC PROS LOVE FLAIR SMART VENTS: rugged steel construction, flexible mount options, 260 ft radio range, battery and 24 VAC installation options, and onboard temperature and pressure sensors to protect and optimize home heating and cooling.
  • SAVE MONEY: Heat or cool only your occupied rooms with Flair's smart zoning made simple. Flair's intelligent airflow redirection uses thermostat and Puck data to automatically open and close vent registers.
  • YOUR TEMPERATURE, YOUR WAY: Use the mobile or web app to set the perfect temperature in any room. Like to plan ahead? Set individual schedules for rooms at any time of day.
  • MAKE YOUR SMART HOME BRILLIANT: Works with ecobee and Honeywell smart thermostats. Set room temperatures with your voice: Flair Smart Vents work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Publisher: Flair


No more hot or cold rooms! This is smart zoning made simple with Flair Pucks and Smart Vents.

The Flair Smart Vent intelligently redirect airflows to the right rooms at the right time (the Smart Vent requires at least one Flair Puck to operate). The Smart Vent works with your central heating and cooling system to eliminate uneven room temperatures across your home by using advanced automation to determine how much air goes to each room.

The Flair Smart Vent integrates with Nest, ecobee, and Honeywell Lyric thermostats, and also has a mode to work with all thermostats (smart or otherwise). You can even set temperatures with your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

With our iOS, Android, and Web App, you can set the temperature from anywhere. Like to plan ahead? Use our 7-day scheduling to get the perfect temperature at the perfect time.

HVAC professionals and installers love Flair Smart Vents. Why? We built a professional-grade Smart Vent at a consumer-friendly price. Onboard pressure and temperature sensors protect the health of your HVAC system.

The Flair Smart Vent is only Smart Vent featuring an optional 24VAC powered installation option. It's perfect for contractors, builders, and home renovators. Don't want to wire? Use 2 c-cell batteries (included)-that's twice the battery capacity of other vents.

These Smart Vents are built of rugged steel and have a faceplate with a modern design and a white powder coating. Unlike other vents, Flair's Smart Vent faceplates are designed to hold paint, giving you the freedom repaint and match them to your personal style.

With energy savings up to 30%, Flair's Smart Vent keeps you-and your wallet-comfortable.

Flair has best in-class customer support and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year warranty, and a California-based customer support team..

Flair Smart Vents are in thousands of homes. Bring yours home today!

UPC: 868596000206

EAN: 868596000206

Package Dimensions: 14.3 x 6.3 x 2.5 inches