Loud XL Sunglasses With Headphones

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Loud XL Sunglasses With Headphones

Meet the new Lucyd Loud audio glass, with improved comfort, fit and connectivity. Enjoy streamlined and expansive touch controls, all-new bone conduction drivers, and more stable connection with Bluetooth 5.0. Package includes folding leatherette case, charging cable, nosepads, manual and cleaning cloth. For prescription wear, please choose Loud Slim, as the lens size of Loud XL is too large for most prescriptions. If you purchase custom lenses, the original plano sunglass lenses will be included. Loud XL is ideal for adult men, but fits most 16+. This frame is perfect for outdoor use, as it provides maximum sun protection. For cutting-edge technology in a timeless wayfarer design, choose Loud XL.

Loud XL is not ideal for prescription lenses due to the large lens size. If you plan to use your glasses for all-day prescription wear, we recommend Loud Slim. If you're shopping for someone younger, please check out Lucyd Loud Youth. It fits most adolescents 11-17.

Please note that all Lucyd eyewear includes a 7-day money back guarantee and a 90-day manufacturer warranty. Contact our prompt and friendly support staff at info@Lucyd.co if you have any issues.

Weight: 45g/1.6oz.


01 Lucyd Loud Glasses

02 Folding Case
03 Contact to USB Charging Cable
04 Quick Start Guide
05 Adhesive Nosepads
06 Cleaning Cloth