Magnetic Electric Heating Neck Brace for Neck Pain and Support

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Brand: Millennium X Technology


  • This All in One neck support includes three attachments. Comfort, Magnetic Self-Heating & USB Electric Heating Pad.
  • Our Cervical Neck Brace provides full neck/head support for Pain Relief, Traction, warmth, pressure,etc.
  • This neck collar can be used for at home therapy for chiropractic care as posture corrector, stretcher or heated wrap etc.
  • Feel free to wear this neck pain relief devices 24/7. While at work, home, walking or while sleeping.
  • This cervical/neck supporter traction devices is made with the latest technology and premium materials. Ergonomic design provides ultimate support.

Publisher: Millennium X Technology


About Our Product:

This Neck Brace is one of kind. A fully supportable cervical support device. It’s ready to use right out of the box, for everyday use, relaxing at home or for supreme comfort while you sleep.  This brace is for ideal for the relief of aches and pains in your neck. It provides you with stability and traction that lead to the ultimate relief of pain, soreness, and stiffness. The brace is fully adjustable for complete comfort. Made from a super lightweight material, using the latest technology and materials. So light it’s hardly noticeable. It has a sleek ergonomic design, keeps your head and neck from over-straining.


What's in the Box

-Neck Brace

-USB Electic Heating Attachment Pad

-Magnetic Therapy Self-Heating Attachment Pad

-Comfort Attachment Pad  

-USB Cable


How to Use:

  1. Open the Sides of the brace outward.
  2. Choose your therapy attachment (1 of 3) and attach it to velcro strips.
  3. Look straight ahead, with chin and jawline parallel to the floor. Position the top/center of the collar directly under your chin so it supports the jawbone. Your chin should not slip down into the collar
  4. Hold firmly with both hands.
  5. Push the sides of the panel around your neck and attach velcro strips.
  6. When using the USB Electric Heating Pad, plug the USB cable into your cell phone charger or other USB connection device.

*Depending on the length of each individuals neck, the brace is designed to flex its lower section outward to allow for maximum comfort.


Safety Warning:

-We recommend NOT USING the Heating Pad attachment while sleeping. The heating pad attachment needs to be monitored when using at all times.

UPC: 723888198620

EAN: 723888198620

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 4.2 x 3.6 inches